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Morning Menu


Apple Breakfast Muffin

Tropical fruit, chia and zucchini served with coconut almond butter and papaya chia preserve.

180 Baht

Tropicana Granola

Sprouted buckwheat, seeds, tropical fruit, coconut and served with fresh nut milks and fruits or with fermented spirulina yogurt and papaya slices.

199 Baht

Breakfast Bowl- highly recommended!

Almonds, dates, coconut flesh and tropical fruit served with Almond milk. This tastes amazing and is packed full of nutrients- perfect way to start your day!

199 BAHT

Light Meals

Walnut and Macadamia Fig Pate Stuffed Mushroom Caps

160 Baht

Zucchini Roll

with fermented almond cheese.

160 Baht

Raviolies Beetroot

150 Baht

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