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Fresh Juice

Pure Clean
120 Baht

Carrot, Beetroot, Apple & Pineapple.

Energy Boost
120 Baht

Parsley, Beetroot, Apple, & green powder.

Blood Cleaner
110 Baht

Pineapple & Peppermint

Ultimate cleanse
110 Baht

Watermelon & Orange.

Ginger Spice
120 Baht

Carrot, celery & ginger.

Candida Clear
130 Baht

Mixed greens, green apple & ginger.

Detox Combo
120 Baht

Celery, apple, beetroot & carrot.

120 Baht

Lemon Celery and Pineapple

Flu Buster
120 baht

Carrot Apple Ginger and Lemon


Green Passion
139 Baht

Passion fruit, mango & pear.

Banana Relax
139 Baht

Banana, passion fruit, celery & cucumber.

Happy Fresh
139 Baht

Apple, grape, mint & vanilla.

Creamy Citrus Shake
139 Baht

Orange, pineapple and coconut.

Mango Passion
139 Baht

Mango and passion fruit.

Mixed berry
139 Baht

Raspberry, blueberry & strawberry.

Guava Maple Shake
139 Baht

Walnuts, guava, maple syrup and chia seeds.

Breakfast Shake
159 Baht

Almond milk, spirulina coconut yogurt, pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds!

Chocolate Shake
159 Baht

Banana, brazil nuts, dates and chia seeds.

Granola Shake
139 Baht

Granola, almond and grape.

Banana Milk Shake
139 Baht

Banana and Almond Milk

Kiwi salsa
139 Baht

Kiwi Apple Grape Lemon

Sweet Basil
139 Baht

Pineapple Basil and coconut

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